With an instinct for design and the creativity for production, Stuart Trevor has the credentials and vision to take a concept and turn it into an international business.

Stuart was the founder and visionary behind All Saints and Bolongaro Trevor, where he took design ideas and developed them from a small tribe-based collection to a global brand. He is also known for his ground-breaking work at Reiss and has dressed bands including The Kings of Leon, The Libertines and Kasabian.

Stuart believes there is a constant impetus to try to invent and refine, to experiment with and redefine everything ever done. With Immortal Stuart has taken Maggie’s concept and vision and has been able to turn it into a series of collections inspired by film, elevated and targeted to an audience that is inspired by creativity, and who aspire to the style and quality indicative of a spirited and fearless brand.



Immortal is the brainchild of Maggie Monteith, a global film producer who as a film buff and propagandist had a dream to combine her love of film and fashion, and had the intuition, vision, and drive to bring the dream to life. 

Maggie has worked on movies such as Brotherhood, Swimming with Men, Pin Cushion, Race to Immortality, 3-Way Junction, Faceless with actors such as Noel Clarke, Shanika Warren-Markland, Alex Pettyfere. She is instrumental in facilitating and envisioning the director, writers, concepts and is able to take a dream and to develop it into a reality. 

Immortal is now her dream and she has collaborated with partners that can help bring the concept to life, from film to fashion to style.



A visionary, conceptualist, style driver and facilitator, Andy Blake began as a stylist for celebrities, bands, and brands, and later took his skill and creative notion for storytelling to film and began life as an international costume designer.

Working with names such as Skunk Anansie, Robbie Williams, Placebo, Bush and film directors such as Martha Fiennes, Floria Sigismondi, Jeff Thomas, Tony Kaye, and Noel Clarke, Andy is able to understand the core of a concept and develop it into an iconic style that epitomises the personality and spirit of the person or brand. 

Immortal has become the ultimate styling job for Andy taking Maggie’s vision, Stuart’s direction for the collections and his storytelling to express the personality, spirit, and creativity of this unique brand. Collaborating, curating and developing ideas for pop-ups, events, features, shoots this is the beginning of the journey of Immortal.